At CargoTrans we offer the best available complete transportation service in the industry. Our tariffs are unbeatable and our staff stands ready to allow as much time as will be required in order to expedite your shipments promptly, efficiently and economically. We are looking forward to receiving your orders in the near future.

Shipper's agents who represent the main connection between exporters and shipping lines are feeling the strains of extreme competition more than ever.

Smaller and Mid-sized firms, which still represent a considerable percentage of the industry are being drowned by fierce competitive strategies instituted by the large forwarders who intend to absorb their smaller counterparts. To remain competitive in such a challenging climate, our charges and expenses must be kept to a minimum level without compromising service.

Mid-Sized shipping firms have adapted to the inter modal way of shipping. They are able to combine Inland Freight, Airfreight and Ocean Transportation as well as clearance and delivery. This translates into a practical door-to-door package.

The continued existence of the Mid-Sized shipping agent depends entirely on experience, persistence, good will and most of all personal efficiency which cannot be found with the larger agents where the client is just a file number drowning in an ocean of papers.

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