Our Mission is to ensure that our clients out perform their competitors. We will provide integrated door to door transportation and procurement solutions on a time definite basis. We want to earn the privilege of becoming an essential part of our Client's supply chain for the delivery of their product to the ultimate destination.

CargoTrans knows no boundaries. Well before the establishment of a single market, we have set ourselves up on a worldwide scale, developing our network of agencies. From London to Jeddah, from Sydney to Cologne or from Miami to Caracas, we control over 135 points across the world. Our Network is perfectly integrated and benefits from a unique electronic communication system which guarantees our customers the best level of service and quality that our clients' should expect.


CargoTrans offers a unique service by assisting the customers in increasing their international sales and purchases. Our client's transportation division enables us to give our clients the edge in reducing the overall landed cost of their overseas procurements.. CargoTrans offers it's services on an individual basis to it's customers and always guarantees confidentiality.

The key advantages in using the services of CargoTrans are:

  • "One Stop" package services
  • Internal cost saving and release of your valuable resources as CargoTrans looks after the complete administration of your International Trade Transaction
  • Competitive pricing through economies of scale
  • High level of professional service and information feedback on all issues
  • Increasing your visibility and reputation on a global scale

"Unique Strategies To Achieve Your Goals"


Alfred L. Cohen

Alfred "Fred" Cohen was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1944 and is a third generation trading and transportation Specialist. Upon immigrating to New York, he continued his undergraduate studies at Chelsea University’s New York Branch where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, complemented by an MBA from the University of Michigan.  Immediately after graduation, in 1966, he was drafted in the U.S. Army and spent two years during the Vietnam era as a Medical Laboratory Technician.  After release from the Army, he joined forces with his father, who enjoyed a 30 year experience in the field of transportation and opened Mutual International Forwarding Inc. and American International Export Co., Inc., New York as President. This first venture was very successful and contributed to an unprecedented experience for Fred. A thriving international career that lasted 35 years was launched. Fred Cohen's dedication to developing long term customer partnerships over the years and expanding the Firm's capabilities on a Global scale has contributed to the tremendous success of all the Enterprises that were subsequently created

Vivian Cohen
General Manager
Vivian Cohen was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1948 and also immigrated to New York where she met and married Fred Cohen in 1968. She completed her Undergraduate studies at Hunter College, New York,  where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration. She joined American International Export Co., Inc. as the Operations Manager and established herself as a prestigious administrator and thorough organizer with a keen eye for details and customer satisfaction.  Vivian brought an invaluable 18 year experience in procurement and shipping which truly strengthened the endurance and longevity of CargoTrans International LLC
Roxana Cabrera-Larco
Manager - Latin America Division
Roxana Cabrera graduated from La Reparacion High School in Lima, Peru in 1976. She attended Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Office Administration and Foreign Languages (Spanish, English and French).  Her professional career began in Peru in 1980 with Mutual of Peru, a Savings and Loan Bank where she worked for ten years in all aspects of the operations department. While employed by Mutual of Peru she attended courses at A. C. Brown Trade Institute where she graduated in 1982 with an Executive Bi-Lingual Secretary degree. She then accepted an offer from Mecano  Representaciones where she worked as their Export Coordinator for documentation and sales. In 1993 she immigrated to the U.S. and was immediately recruited by Sealand Services, Miami  where she took over the Customer Service department and Tariff coordinator. She joined CargoTrans International LLC in 1995 as the Manager of the Latin American Division. Her knowledge of languages and the shipping business in general have been a great asset to CargoTrans International LLC Enterprises.
Luis Miguel Chamochumbi
Sales Manager

Luis Miguel was born in the Lima, Peru. He graduated from the Naval Academy in Lima as a First Lieutenant in 1978, retired from the Navy in 1998 and became a U.S. Resident the same year. He joined CargoTrans International LLC in January, 2001. He had held various positions in the forwarding industry in Miami for 3 years, where he worked as a Traffic Coordinator, Export Documentation Manager, Data Entry and Customer Service Representative.  His strong Organizational skills and dedication combined with his first hand experience in the market place have contributed to CargoTrans International’s expansion beyond expectations.

Other Staff :
CargoTrans  International LLC employs an experienced array of 21 Employees at its Headquarters in Coral Springs, Florida

Our employees are eager to serve you and will go to any lengths in order to accommodate your requirements as professionally and competitively as possible.

The best available Customer Service is our goal with pleasant response and good will.



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