Door-to-door Transportation : From the factory to ultimate destination, CargoTrans International LLC moves your cargo within your required transit times at a very competitive price. Our Global tracking system maintains shipment status from pick-up all the way to final delivery.   State of the Art communications and information systems provide on-line access to your freight details, which can be queried by shipper reference, purchase order, or line item.
Air Freight : CargoTrans International LLC transports over 20,000 Tons of cargo by air per year utilizing our strong global network of Agents.

Ocean Freight : Our traffic department delivers Worldwide efficiency to your Ocean Shipments from Less than Container Load [L.C.L.] to Full Containers [F.C.L.] to Special Projects.  We make sure that your shipments are loaded on schedule and your documents are released promptly.

Inland Trucking : We have exchange agreements and contracts with Interstate Carriers, Local Carriers, and Contract Carriers.  All special Discounts allowed are passed on to you integrally.
Foreign-to-Foreign : CargoTrans International LLC' Global network of Agents is in place to manage your shipment from anywhere to anywhere in the World.  From distant Origins to Destinations, not only are your shipments delivered on time and competitively, but we keep track of all the pertinent information which keeps us and you in complete control at all times.

Warehousing : All of our facilities are fully secured and Customs Bonded in order to hold your cargo until a Customs release is obtained.
Cargo Packing and Crating : CargoTrans International LLC's expert staff can build cases and cartons of any size and shape as well as stuff Containers in order to protect your cargo during transit. We have specialists in Hazardous Materials who direct all HazMat shipments and prepare them strictly according to U.S. Department Of Transportation an I.A.T.A. Rules and Regulations.
Shipment Consolidation : Consolidation of your orders prior to shipping will lower your transit costs considerably and certainly prevent damage to the smaller packages.  We specialize in such Consolidation services using strict inventory control.

Invoicing and Documentation : All of your shipping documents are presented to Customs, the Carriers, the Banks, and/or the Insurance Companies flawlessly.  We will even issue your Commercial Invoice exactly as per requirements of the Destination Country.  Copies of all shipping documents are sent by fax or e-mail before the Carrier leaves the Origin gateway.
Shipment Management
: Our electronic access system gives you  moment to moment status of your shipments. From the creation of the order to the final delivery, we put you on-line with all information such as ready dates, delivery, booking, estimated time of arrival and final landing at destination.
Customs Brokerage : Our Customs clearance knowledge and experience will undoubtedly speed the release of your goods and liquidate your entries quickly and effortlessly.
Cargo Insurance :
When CargoTrans International LLC handles your goods, you have automatically lowered your risk of losses or damages. As your Insurance Broker we can offer you total coverage for 110% of the C.I.F. value at competitive overall rates. We can cover individual shipments or we can provide complete transportation policies at your request.
Letters of Credit Compliance : We help you reduce the vital handling of Letters of Credit to the simplest way possible. We know exactly how Banks check all shipping documents in detail and we prevent discrepancies while shortening the negotiation and payment times considerably.
Transportation Security Administration [T.S.A.] : CargoTrans International LLC is Licensed by the T.S.A. and authorized to handle security Airfreight and Ocean Frieght Shipments in partnership with all approved Trucking, Warehousing and Agency  Firms who are also required to be T.S.A. approved.


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